Documenting Sea Time


Prior to the start of class, you should begin organizing your sea time.

Practice by using the sea time forms USCG Sea Time Form as a guide.

We will be formalizing your time in class, so use this only as a rough draft.


Review the following to get a feel for Sea Time requirements and how to document your time.

• You are trying to accumulate a minimum of 360 days of sea time

   (720 days with 360 on Near Coastal for a Master Near Coastal. see Types of Licenses

• 90 days of the total must be within the last 3 years (recency clause)

• One “day” is considered a minimum of 4 hours underway in a 24 hour period. Time at anchor or dock is not considered.

• The time you are acquiring is an estimate based on log books or memory

• You may use time acquired since your 16th birthday

• You may use time on your own vessel (proof of ownership will be required i.e. an

    old registration or bill of sale), private or commercial vessels.

• Time on working vessels or friends vessels may be documented by using the

   USCG Sea Time Form or a letter with the information. See: Sample Sea Service Letter

• Make sure you include the registration # or documentation # of each vessel used.
  The Coast Guard will not accept forms without vessel ID #

• Use a separate form for each vessel. See: USCG Sea Time Form

• For Gross Tonnage see Determining Gross tonnage and work the formula for the type of vessel

• Identify the waters (Inland or Near Coastal) that the vessel was on for evaluation.

• Begin with the most recent experience first and work backwards in time until you have

  accumulated 360 days (or 720 if Master Near Coastal)

  Remember: 90 days must be within the last three years.

•Going beyond the 360 (or 720) days required is to no avail. Use time that is easiest to document (your own vessel) first.

•Time acquired on vessels larger than 300 tons will not be considered.

• Time on rowing vessels will not be considered.

• Time acquired on military vessels is up to 60% applicable.

   Your local Coast Guard REC will provide you with forms for military time.