Ships Business

Types of Licenses offered

        Terms to Know:      (The following terms will help you understand the License explanations below)

          Day of Sea Time           One day consists of a minimum of 4 hours underway (not at the dock or anchor!)

          Uninspected Vessel       A vessel which does not require inspection from the USCG but meets

                                                 CFR “C” regs.

           Inspected Vessel          A vessel which requires annual inspection by the Coast Guard.

                                                 Meets CFR “T” regs.

           Routing                         The licenses are applicable on Inland waters, Near Coastal or both. 

                                                 Your experience will determine the waters you qualify for.

           Inland waters               Waters shoreward of Demarcation lines.

                                                 Examples: Puget Sound, Columbia River, Great Lakes, most harbors.

          Near Coastal                Waters seaward of Demarcation lines.
                                                 Examples: All coastal waters around the U.S., most foreign waters.

          Gross Tonnage              The CG uses this type of vessel measurement to determine the

                                                 scope of your license. see Gross Tonnage Form


                                                  OUPV (Six Pack)

The Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels allows you to take six or fewer passengers

for hire on uninspected vessels up to 100 gross tons. This is an excellent license for delivery

work or running your own vessel for charter. Sailing vessels are included with the OUPV.

OUPV Requirements

• 360 days experience on Inland or Near Coastal waters
• 90 days (of the 360 total) must be within the last 3 years
• 90 days (of the 360 total) on Great Lakes to obtain a Great Lakes routing Sea Time
• 90 days (of the 360 total) on Near Coastal waters to obtain a Near Coastal routing.

Master Licenses allow you to take an unlimited number of passengers on inspected vessels.

They have tonnage limitations and are issued in 25 ton increments up to 100 tons depending

on your experience and sea time evaluation. A sailing endorsement is required for operation

sailboats under a master license.

Masters Requirements

• Same requirements as OUPV with the following additions:

• 45 of the 90 day recency requirement in the last 3 years must be on vessels at the tonnage you are applying for.

• Tonnage is awarded by the size of vessel on which a minimum of 90 days are on  the tonnage you are applying for (25, 50 or 100 tons).
• For a Near Coastal route, you need 720 total days with at least 360 of these on Near Coastal waters.
• For a sailing endorsement, minimum of 180 days on sailing vessels



Sailing endorsements are available for your Masters License if you meet the above qualifications. 

This is not a separate License, but is added to your license at the time of issuance.  USMA is approved to offer

Sailing endorsements in class using our own curriculum and materials.

Commercial Assistance Towing

A Commercial Assistance Towing endorsement may be added to both your OUPV and Masters

License.  This allows you to be compensated for towing disabled vessels etc.  It also is required

if you wish to work on the various "vessel assist" programs.  USMA's curriculum

prepares you for this endorsement and offers it right in class.