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USCG National Maritime Center

(to locate the following NMC forms used in your application)

How to Apply for a Merchant Mariner Credential (from NMC)

        See below under Additional Information for a thorough video from Capt. Sanders regarding the process

Merchant Mariner Application Acceptance Checklist (original license issuance)

Merchant Mariner Application Renewal Checklist (renewal only)

Application for Merchant Mariner Credential - Form CG-719B

Application for Medical Certificate (Physical) - Form CG-719K

For Masters and OUPV application make sure you use this form, NOT the Entry Level Ratings CG-719KE or the 2012 form. Download and fill out all personal information including yes/no portions and bring it with you to your physical doctor's exam.

Small Vessel Sea Service Form - Form CG-719S  

You can print out and make copies of this form. Once you have created a final draft, you can revisit this link and use the fillable method if you wish. We will discuss in class.

Conviction Statement - Form CG-719C

Use this form ONLY if you have a conviction as discussed on the Merchant Mariner Credential Application (CG719 B)

Criminal Record Review CFR (for more detail info)

Motor Vehicle Drug & Alcohol Convictions (for more detail info)


NMC Regional Exam Centers (REC office locations) 

Complete applications are accepted at Regional Examination Centers (RECs) via mail, e-mail, fax, or in person.

All Merchant Mariner fees are paid through the site. Click on "Pay a Merchant Mariner User Fee" to begin the process and be sure to retain your receipt for payment to submit along with your MMC application.


Course Materials

US Maritime Academy - Information Pack

CANVAS Learning and Exam Platform (current students only)

CANVAS Login Setup Instructions (use desktop version, NOT App)

Course Schedule

Transportation Worker's Identification Card (TWIC) Application Process

Notice To Mariners 

As of April, 2004 the Coast Guard is no longer printing Notice To Mariners.  They are available electronically.

Light List

Available for viewing and downloading at this link however the General Information front matter is not available at this time.

Coast Pilot

Now being published privately. They also are available at this link.

Chart No.1 Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms

Published by the government and may be viewed and downloaded here.

Rules of the Road

The definitive publication of the rules published by the Department of Homeland Security.  We include this text in hard copy for all classes, but it may be downloaded and viewed here as well.

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 33

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 46

Celestial Navigation (Bags Sightings)


Vessel Information

Gross Tonnage Calculator

Do not send results but just fill out top portion and the click on Gross Tonnage

Gross Tonnage - USCG Guide

Gross Tonnage - Formulas

Washington State Vessel Registration Records Request

To obtain records on a boat you previously owned in Washington State

Additional Information

Knot Tying

Great site for learning those knots! 

USMA Apparel

available thru our Chicago location

Job Opportunities

The Center for Wooden Boats - Seattle, WA

Northwest Maritime Center - Port Townsend, WA

Vocational School Catalog

Maritime Drug Testing Consortium

Random drug testing program meeting USCG regulations

Paperwork Videos

MMC Initial Submission Paperwork

Video: Capt. Sanders discusses documenting sea time, application preparation and submitting paperwork for your CG License 

MMC Renewal Paperwork

Video: Capt. Sanders discusses your 5 yr. renewal paperwork

Captain's Class Information / Documentation Session 

Video: Capt. Sanders discusses the information packet and initial documents

Need Help Submitting Your Paperwork?

Sea K's Maritime Licensing Service

Charles "Chuck" Kakuska is a 25 year veteran of the United States Coast Guard who can assist you in submitting your MMC application and paperwork (call for fee structure).

(734) 847-1723

Resources: Job Opportunities
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